January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!
My long-term goals for 2011:
1) Do at least one ReStyle Project a month.
This one will be so much fun. I have some ideas for ReStyling parts of my bedroom. Also I'll move out this year (university, yay!) so I'll have a good excuse to buy vintage, cheap furniture and ReStyle it according to my taste.
2) Blog regularily
I've wanted to start a blog for quite some time but I wasn't sure whether I had the time to do so. Well, my 2011 goal will be to establish a healthy blog life, meaning keep up an interesting blog with DIYsregular features and get to know new people from the blogger scene and learn how to manage my blog-time. Meaning do NOT start a Saturday morning with readings blogs for 3 hours. haha
3) Finish School
I'll have my final exams in May (panic!!) and since studying abroad (I'm dreaming of either Canada or London… we'll see) is quite expensive I'm ambitious to get good grades to have more scholarship opportunities. We'll see how that goes…
4) New shopping habits
Basically I wanna stop spending a lot of money on clothes. Which means I'll try to sew my own clothes. I've never done anything like that before but I'm quite excited about the possibility to sew clothes exactly like I wanted them to be. Furthermore, I want to go thrift shopping rather than go to the local H&M store just because it's more convenient. Sadly there aren't any decent thrift stores in my town but I plan on going on shopping trips to bigger cities 🙂
5) Capture the moment
Since I've got an awesome camera now I'll try to take a picture a day. I know I won't keep up with this challenge but I can at least try, right? Also I plan on sharing the pictures I take. So check out my flickr from time to time and kick my butt if I get lazy 😉
Do you have goals you wanna reach or work on in 2011?

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