What's In My Bag? // Volume 2: Knitting Edition

April 29, 2011

Here’s a ‘What’s In My Bag?’ special edition 😉

Here’s what is in my knitting utilities bag.

What's In My Bag? Knitting Edition

Scissors, pens, highlighter, crochet hook,needles, markers and the clover frog (row counter). There should be a measuring tape in there, but I always lose mine (or my mom steals them? haha. not sure)

Knitting Accessories

I made this wristlet last summer. I intended to use it ‘as a normal wristlet’ but I hardly ever used it as I normally carry quite a lot with me. So it got a second life as a knitting bag 🙂

It has little pockets on the inside and the size is just about perfect as I sometimes put more crochet hooks or yarn leftovers or patterns in there.

Knitting Bags

Here’s my ‘knitting bag collection’. The apple purse is my ‘crochet project bag’. Currently I’m working on a granny square project so there are two skeins of wool and a crochet hook in there.

The pig bag(looove the fabric!) is my ‘sock bag’. I always have cold feet and knitting socks was the reason I started knitting, haha. So I always have a pair of socks in progress. One skein of sock wool + needles fits perfectly in there.

The wristlet is my accessories bag.

All bags are handmade by me 🙂

I plan to sew a bigger project bag soon for larger projects such as shawls etc. And I also gotta make a cute, compact storage system for knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Any suggestions for patterns / tutorials?

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