Handmade/Homemade gifts

May 21, 2011

Today is my Dad's birthday and here's what I've made for him:
A mini book/gift card.
Mini1 Mini1.1 Mini1.2 Mini1.3 Mini1.4
It's a gift card for a trip to IKEA to buy CD shelves and expedit shelves to store his vinyls. His CDs and LPs are all over the house and we wanna change that. We'll put them all into one room, neatly organized. I've been thinking about organizing them by artists. How to you store your CDs?
My sister made these delicious cupcakes. They taste like triple-chocolate cupcakes (I don't wanna know how many calories one has :D) and the topping is perfect!!
My mom sew this project bag for him. He loves orange (every time he sees orange shoes he wants to buy them. We always tell him not to. He usually listens to us :D) and as nobody in our family looks good in orange clothes, he has to be content with owning orange accessories. Did I mention that my dad knits, too? I love being part of a creative family 🙂
And handmade/homemade gifts are the best, aren't they?

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