30 recipes // Oatmeal Cookies

June 18, 2011

Today I'm introducing a new feature: 30 recipes before 21
I'm one of those persons who can't resist a book full of tasty-looking cupcakes, delicious meals and cool decorated tables. Also, I've been hoarding recipe books of all kinds just because I liked the photographs. Some of the books are still new but I think that has to change. So I wanna try 30 new recipes before I turn 21 on April 6, 2012 (21 sounds scary. and so much older than 20). This feature will (hopefully) increase my cooking skills. I love baking but cooking? Uhm… let's say I'm fine with eating cereals, toast and bread all day lol.
So here's #1: OATMEAL COOKIES:
Oatmeal Cookies
I mixed three different recipes together.
Ingredients(approx.): 175g butter, 200g sugar, 1 egg, some water, vanilla extract, 400g oatmeal, 120g flour, some salt, some cinnamon
I mixed all the ingredients together until the dough looked just about right. It turned out to be waaaaaaaaaay too much dough. We probably had about 60 cookies. I suggest using 1/2 the recipe. or even less. I added some cinnamon to make it taste more interesting. One could also add raisins but certain people in my family (I) don't like raisins too much so I made 'plain oatmeal cookies'.
They tasted great and we like to eat oatmeal cookies especially in summer, as there's no chocolate that will melt and stick to the fingers and they are still tasty after a week or so. But as I said, half the recipe would've been enough.
Any cool cooking/baking blogs you wanna share? My favorite one is Emma's Food Coma blog. I'll try some of her delicious-looking recipes in the near future. And her blog reminds me that I gotta work on my 'taking pictures of food' skills.

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