Sweet Summer 2011 – update!

July 2, 2011

summer minibook top
while working on my sweet summer 2011 minibook, i realized that it was about time to share an update. the book is growing bigger pretty fast. i finally got some book binding rings, yay!
here's a quick tour:
summer minibook
left page: just a random picture of my vintage sugar collection i found at a flea market last year.
right page: we've had a breakfast date with our local ravelry group. it was in the middle of my finals and it great to have a break from all the exams and the studying.
summer minibook
i kinda spent all of april and may studying for my finals and taking the exams. this picture represents well how i felt during those months.
summer minibook
left page: after my finals the thing i enjoyed most was sleep πŸ˜€
right page: hello june page
summer minibook
left page: a picture of my quilt. i love it so much and the colors are so inspiring.
right page: i wanted to make a minibook of our trip to egypt but i decided against it and just incorporated some bits and pieces in my sweet summer mini. this is a postcard.
summer minibook
left page: on the back of the postcard i wrote the dates of our trip.
right page: i cut off the top of an air sickness bag from the airplane and used it to put some bits and pieces from the flight and our first evening in egypt in there. i stapled my boarding pass to the front and closed the envelope with some washi tape so i can add more stuff to it.
summer minibook
left page: boarding passes of our flight back to germany
right page: another post card
summer minibook
left page: food labels to cover the back of the postcard
right page: our hotel's welcome card
summer minibook
left page: hotel's welcome card
right page: picture of the bread buffet
summer minibook
left page: another picture
right page: map of hurghada sticked to the front of the yellow envelope
summer minibook
left page: inside there are tickets etc. from our trip to luxor. i sticked some details on the day trip from a catalog to the back.
right page: our guide during the trip to luxor
summer minibook
left page right page: more pictures!summer minibook
even more…summer minibook
and more! and a blank page to 'calm down' πŸ˜€
summer minibook
left page: i cut open a protector sheet and used it to sew some egyptian pounds to the back of the tag.
right page: i did the same with a five pound bill. i sew it onto the pattern paper on one side. one can 'open' it and see the back of it (which, btw, is in english. most things over there are printed twice – once in arabic, once in english)
summer minibook
next up: details on our snorkeling trip (please ignore that i misspelled 'snorkeling')
summer minibooksummer minibook summer minibook
right page: some pictures from this post and i machine stitched around the pictures. i used our cheap office printer to print these so the quality is very bad. but better than not adding any pictures at all, right?summer minibook
left page: i had some leftover yarn from my calais shawl which i normally would've thrown away. i knitted a few rows to add some texture and give a feel for the shawl πŸ™‚
right page: i used a hambly transparency to frame a photo of one of our cats.
summer minibook summer minibook
here's a page on some of the food i had in june. i was quite uninspired to use the color chart in the beginning because of the holes/frames in it. but this seemed like the perfect opportunity πŸ™‚
bottom right: a post card from the amΓ©lie movie. i fall in love with the movie every time i watch it – so beautiful and cute!summer minibook
on the back of the post card i added some of the movies that inspired my this summer. i'll add more to the list throughout summer πŸ™‚
summer minibook
it's quite impressive how quickly a minibook grows. i love watching it become thicker and thicker πŸ™‚summer minibook outtake
last but not least, an outtake. every time i wanna take pictures of just about anything the cat wants to be in the picture, too. so cute πŸ™‚

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