Asian Cuisine

August 1, 2011

As part of my 30 recipes before 21 challenge I wanted to learn how to make sushi! I love Asian food – especially tofu! So I asked a Korean friend if she could show me the secrets of the Asian cuisine 😀 My friend Charlotte joined in as well. The food was sooo delicious! Yumm.
Hyunji showed us how to roll sushi. Not as easy as it looks.
This was rather a sort of dessert. So we didn't put many ingredients in. But it was really tasty!
Hyunji also taught tried to teach us how to eat with chop sticks. We had a lot of fun but I wouldn't call myself a cho-pstick-master yet 😉
Afterwards we went outside to enjoy the sun. And of course I had to snap a couple of pictures…

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