October 11, 2011

On Saturday I went to BC's capital with my friends Angela and Katja.
view from the ferry
We had to leave our residence ar 5:30 to catch an early bus to the ferry. The ferry ride was nice and clam though there were many people considering that it left at 8am. Watching the sunrise from the ferry was pretty sweet though and totally worth getting up early.
There were a couple of touristy photos taken (come on, who can resist a big, fluffy moose?!). We basically just walked around and explored the hundreds of cute little boutiques, restaurants and cafés. We had lunch at a really cute café and bakery called Willie's. It's the oldest bakery in BC(according to their homepage) and it's sooo lovely!
Willie's Bakery & Café in Victoria
They mainly use local and organic ingredients, serve the best hot chocolate I've had for a looong time and the staff is super friendly. Not to mention the cute blackboards, the fireplace on the patio and the all the cute details. 
The cakes and tartes they serve are delicious. They taste lke homemade 😀
Humboldt Street!
Super cute sign
Victoria in general looks very European with lots of old buldings and cute signs everywhere.
Chinatown Victoria
We also walked through chinatown which was pretty big compared to the one in Vancouver!
Canadian version of $ store
Of course we also did some shopping. Did I mention that the Canadians interpret dollar stores quite differently? This sign pretty much sums everything up you need to know about Canadian prices. Everything in BC is ridiciously overpriced. We went to two thrift stores – a huuuge value village and a Salvation Army store. I got some cute old sewing patterns, craft supplies and a banana hanger 🙂
pumpkin patches
On the bus ride back to the ferry we saw a pumpkin patch! I'd love to go to one, but unfortunately I seem to be the only one who gets excited about hayrides, corn mazes and pumpkin picking. Okay, I admit that pumpkin + dorm = 🙁 because you can't cook, carve, decorate here but I still imagine having fun at a pumpkin patch 🙂

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  • Reply Hanna October 11, 2011 at 22:15

    Sounds like a fun trip! And being able to watch the sunrise is pretty sweet, strangely i get up early enough everyday (because of school) and still miss it while I'm inside. Mhm.

  • Reply Michelle Clement October 15, 2011 at 22:20

    Aaw, yay! Isn't is lovely? There are some great thrift & antique shops – next time you're out there, make sure you stop in Sidney (I want to life there, just for all the cute thrift shops!!). he he. It's so cool to see that patch full of pmupkins, too – I always see it bare in the summer – but I recognize it!

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