Hand Stitching: Card

October 17, 2011

Hand Stitching

LA just posted a cute hand stitching tutorial and I decided to make a quick card using my own handwriting 🙂

I have to admit that this was pretty much the first hand stitching project I did in… years? I can’t remember the last time I hand stitched but it’s so much fun and truly addictive 😉

I’m really glad I stole some of my mom’s embroidery floss and took it here – a major advantage of stitching is that you don’t need many supplies!

Anyways, some quick tips when hand stitching on paper:

– get a cup of hot tea/coffee and listen to music while embroidering

– don’t pierce the wholes too close to each other, otherwise the paper will tear and you’ll have gaps in your motif

– follow this tutorial for the start & ending. It really helps and you won’t end up with big bulks of knots on the back!

– straight lines are generally easier than curves and loops 😉

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