October 17, 2011


The residence I live in is mainly for first year students and exchange students. A major disadvantage is that there aren’t kitchens, so there’s a mandatory meal plan. And dining hall food is nothing you wanna eat for eight months in a row. Also, many students in my res are only 18 and 19 is the legal drinking age in Canada. As a result, most of the students hang around on the floor drinking instead of going out. Having to deal with noise, drunk people and dirty washrooms isn’t much fun.


On the positive side, our dorms are generally spacious with big windows and the surroundings are nice.


In the residence I live in, all houses are named after indigenous people in Canada. The house I live in is called Shu 🙂

Drink Coca Cola MBP_3290

If you take a close look, you’ll find some nature around the residences. I love walking by the same tree every day and noticing how fast the leaves’ color changes 🙂

MBP_3306 MBP_3299 MBP_3301

There are thousands of super cute squirrels on campus but they seem to be really shy – hopefully I’ll get a good shot of one of them this fall 🙂


Although our Residential Advisor is super nice and puts up artsy signs all over our floor, I can’t help but notice the cold light in our hallway whenever I step out of my bright and colorful room.

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