52 Knits // Fluffy Bum Bunny

April 1, 2012


Yarn Used: body: Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool(100% wool), tail: Katia Tupa(50% merino, 50% silk)
Needles:5mm DPNs
Modifications: I attempted to crochet a flat bottom but I realized that it might’ve been a better idea to follow the pattern or at least know the basics about crochet – whoops. Well it’s closed and it stands (more or less) flat 🙂
Notes: This is one of those typical ‘it’s 11pm and you’re suppose to go to bed soon but you’d much rather make something’ projects. I looked through some patterns I bookmarked a while ago and this cute bunny was the perfect late-night project. It took me longer to make than I had expected (about two hours) but it was fun and easy. Also, it’s perfect to get rid off some scrap yarns 
My bunny looks pregnant because I was a little generous with the stuffing but it just adds to his charm. When I finished the tail it reminded me of the “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die” video because it’s sooooo soft. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, soft yarn I highly recommend a merino/silk blend 🙂

ps: I just realized that this was the third 52Knits post within one week. Sorry I promise there will be a variety of fun posts this month because a) it’s SPRING which means LESS RAIN and MORE PHOTOS, b) my mom will come here next week and we’ll do lots of fun stuff, e.g. a road trip to the Rockies and lots of adventures in Vancouver and c) I’ll go home in less than three weeks!!! crazy.



FIFTYTWOOOOThis is project #11 of 52.

As part of my 2012 goals, I want to finish 52 knitted items this year. You can see all the items I knitted so far on my blog or on ravelry.

See knits 123456789 and 10

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  • Reply Jessi April 2, 2012 at 13:06

    oh it's cute! That is an ambitious challenge – I am not sure I could do it!

  • Reply Michelle Clement April 2, 2012 at 16:22

    Eeek!! It's so cute!! 🙂 Have you seen Danger Crafts' patterns? http://www.etsy.com/listing/62204105/pick-5-danger-crafts-knitting-patterns

    This lil guy reminded me of them…pretty much the reason I want to learn to knit! he he.

    • Reply froggeddesigns April 2, 2012 at 18:08

      aww thanks for the link! I remember some of the patterns, think I found them on pinterest last year but didn't pin them. There are so many cute crochet patterns out there – I really need to teach myself how to read crochet patterns 😀 I knot all the basics but I never really made anything fancier than a flower haha.

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