July 14, 2012

Before I start, let me say one sentence: I LOVE IKEA!
Now you’ll probably ask why? Although the company tries to promote sustainability, there are certainly many downsides to buying ikea stuff(many controversies about where they get their wood from, about the bad working conditions in the factories etc.). I’m not saying that it’s a ‘good’ company but if we were to start that discussion we shouldn’t be buying at a regular supermarket, nor shop at H&M/Forever21/… (basically any ‘big, bad company).

So why do I love ikea so much?


1. Food. We all love food and the food at ikea is simply amazing. Free coffee(+refills!) for ikea family members is amazing. It has saved us literally hundreds of dollars! Oh and did I mention that the coffee at French ikeas is  a-m-a-z-i-n-g ? Seriously, if you’re in France and see an ikea, go there just for the coffee. It’s delicious and free!
Also, they have pretty good organic pasta and it’s only 1€! Okay, it’s officially a kid’s meal but the servings are big and they never refused to serve me a children’s dish 🙂
Oh and some of their seasonal dishes are amazing… like asparagus. Sooo yummy and cheap! 🙂

2. Expedit. Hands down, it’s the best bookcase in the world. The range of sizes is amazing, the price is great and it’s perfect for everything. Your fabric stash needs a new home? Go get an expedit. You don’t know where to store your 12×12 scrapbook papers? Expedit fits perfectly! You love reading books but some of your books are too big for a regular book case? Expedit is your solution.
I’ve seen expedits in nearly all rooms and they’re always perfect! Whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, hallway, craft room, office, living room, bedroom, … it’s so versatile I could furnish my entire apartment with it and I’d be happy 🙂

3. Free workout. Now, is it just my family or does a visit at ikea always take at least two hours? Two hours of constant walking, lifting heavy packages and millions of new decorating ideas streaming through your head. Comfy shoes, an ikea family membership card for free drinks and some good music in the car for a relaxed ride home are a must!

4. People watching. Have you ever sat down on a comfy couch at ikea and watched the people around you? Ikea does something funny to people; they start arguing about the most ridiculous things in the world, their body language often says more than 1000 words and seeing people ‘test’ furniture is very entertaining! I also recommend sitting down in the restaurant with a view over the parking lot, watching how people attempt to fit huge packages into tiny cars.

5. Occupational therapy. Once the ikea visit is over, the fun part begins: getting all the packages into your home, unpacking all the packages and assembling the furniture. It can be pretty frustrating but I recommend buying the same article several times because there’s a steep learning curve to assembling ikea furniture 😉

What’s your opinion on ikea? Do you have a lot of ikea stuff? Do you love it or hate it?

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  • Reply Jessi July 15, 2012 at 08:18

    I love ikea! I buy a lot of my stuff there. Everytime I visit the store, I come home with something. And I also love the food, jummie!

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