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November 8, 2012


It’s been busy around here. School’s keeping me occupied from 8am-6pm pretty much every day and taking decent pictures of stuff I’ve knitted is complicated because a) there’s no sunlight when I get home, b) I have a cat who’s very curious and thinks it’s fun to jeopardize my attempts at taking pictures by sitting/sleeping at said object or c) my inability to take decent self-portraits without feeling like a dork.

As soon as the weather gets better I’ll have a friend model for me so I can catch up on the 52 knits posts. In the meantime, I have bright flowers in my kitchen that make the gray, rainy days more bearable, dried orange slices that make the apartment smell like fall and a cat who keeps me company during the nights that I tend to spend knitting and watching ‘White Collar’ instead of catching up on sleep.

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