April 12, 2013







This is just a quick ‘in between classes’ post. Here are some pictures I took during our short trip to Damp – a tiny village by the Baltic sea. There are two things in Damp: a rehabilitation center and hundreds of vacation homes that look alike and were built in the 70s and 80s. We spent three days up there visiting my dad. He’s doing really great after his hip replacement surgery but giving him his camera wasn’t a very good idea. He tends to do funny poses to get great shots – not a very good idea if you’re using crutches and you’re not supposed to do awkward poses.

On my birthday I went to Flensburg with my sister and mom to go yarn shopping! Can you imagine a better activity for birthday?! Here’s what I got:


Drops Alpaca yarn for the still light tunic I’ve been wanting to knit forever. I casted it on a couple days ago and it knits up great! Easy pattern (I wasn’t too sure if I’d like it because I wasn’t too happy with Veera’s instructions for the color affection shawl but so far I really like it!) and lovely yarn – as always. You seriously can’t go wrong with drops alpaca!! I wanted to get a light gray color but the yarn store didn’t have ten skeins of gray so I went with this gorgeous color. I’ll share an update as soon as I have more than a couple of rows to show 😉


This yarn is actually more of a raspberry color – my favorite!!
I wanna make a long cardigan with some lace details. I didn’t find a pattern I liked so I’m going to design my own cardigan! So excited!!!
But first I have to finish the tunic / dress….
I couldn’t pass this yarn either… I wanna make the olive sweater by Helga Isager but $8 is rather pricy for a sweater pattern… maybe I’ll try to improvise?

Last but not least:
a kitty picture to brighten up your day 🙂

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