52 craft projects // sam’s patchwork pouch

August 18, 2013

I met Sam from Fluffyland (a very cute shop with lots of handmade cuteness – e.g. tiny narwhales with graduation caps!!). She’s in Germany to improve her German and I couldn’t resist making a little something for her to remember her time in Hamburg and Berlin.
I’ve had this cute woven Hamburg ribbon in my stash for quite some time now. When I saw the matching Berlin one in my mom’s ribbon collection I had to make a project using both.
I opted for a pouch because let’s be honest, you can’t have ever have enough pouches, right?
I have pouches for just about everything… camera charger, make up, sewing supplies, knitting supplies, medicine, …
I chose a light interfacing because Sam has to take the plane home; lighter pouch means more fabric capacity! 🙂
I started with a basic log cabin block using her favorite color and a cute penguin in the middle to match the colors of the woven ribbons. Next I added some strips in different sizes to one side of the block. I made zipper taps to match the green stripe and my label. The zipper is from a flea market. It has been used before but I couldn’t resist using it because the color matched perfectly.
I sewed the woven ribbon to one of the solid fabric strips and incorporated it in the log cabin block. Unfortunately it doesn’t say ‘Berlin’ on this one but I think most people recognize the Brandenburger Tor and the Fernsehturm 😉
The lining is an old ikea bed sheet that I found in my mom’s stash. All the other fabrics are from my or my mom’s ever growing scraps collection.

I’m reeeally behind on sharing all the projects I’ve done lately. I’ll try to catch up before I go on vacation in a week. A wip post might also be necessary because I’m working on a thousand projects (okay, maybe only ten…).
52craftprojects2013This is project #19 of 52 craft projects I’m attempting to complete in 2013.
You can see all the other projects I’ve complete so far here.

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