long-term annoyances

October 16, 2013

Ever since I moved in over a year ago I had some things that annoyed me but they weren’t actual ‘problems’ and didn’t need immediate fixing. Of course I tackled all the high priority items on my to do list first, like installing a kitchen etc.
But 14 months after moving in I finally checked off two of those ‘long-term annoyances’ from my mental check list:
1) finding a place to put all my school stuff, like binders, books, etc.
2) organize & clean the basement.

I got a billy bookshelf at ikea that I put next to my closet. Our vacuum cleaner used to be there but for the time being I put it behind my door; it’s less visible but still not perfect.
I dedicated the two lowest shelfs to all my binders. Once classes start these two shelves will be packed, I’m sure!
I used the remaining shelfs to put my books somewhere visible. They used to be all stacked in/on the little tv stand thingy next to it. It was neither pretty nor practical. I’m not sure what to do with the tv stand yet – my dad found it in the trash I ‘borrowed’ it from him; all my makeup and cosmetics are in the little drawer unit on top so I’ll just leave it like that for now.

The basement project took a little bit longer; when we moved in, we just threw all the stuff in there that we didn’t have a place for upstairs in the apartment; it was fine for a while but lately it’s been hard to even enter it so I decided to finally get it off my list.
We’re fortunate to have all the main fuse box and all the cable tv cords in our basement ‘room’ so we have electricians/cable tv guys having to access our basement from time to time. It doesn’t hurt to give them easy access instead of having them crawl over boxes and boots, right?
We’re lucky to have some built in shelfs on the one wall. At the other wall we have a small shelf that a previous tenant left here, a drawer unit that I used to have when I was a kid and a large ikea shelf to store moving boxes, etc.
The tiny shelf is filled with Christmas decorations & mugs. The drawers are filled with our shoes(two girls… what can I say?) and the big shelf holds outdoor gear, our smokey joe and moving boxes filled with tools.
We also have a wall cabinet that didn’t fit into our kitchen that we use to store groceries like flour, sugar, tea, etc. that we buy in bulks but don’t wanna store in our kitchen.

There are still many things on my ‘long-term annoyances’ list, like

  • hang art/photos
  • get a wall shelf for the bathroom
  • install plinths in the kitchen
but I probably won’t worry about them until next year 🙂

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  • Reply Nancy October 16, 2013 at 15:35

    Looks like you are making wonderful progress on your list. Sometimes it just takes longer for the perfect solution to reveal itself.

  • Reply Miss Peaches October 16, 2013 at 18:47

    It is just so nice to have both those spaces sorted isn't it. I go through our basement 'room' a couple of times per year. It's a place that just seems to collect stuff.

  • Reply Monica October 17, 2013 at 10:07

    that reminds me…. my garage… urgh!

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