busy but good

October 27, 2013

The first week of the new semester is over and I feel like I could use a vacation already. There’s so much going on: catching up with friends I haven’t seen all summer, making lots of new friends, founding a knitting club at uni, preparing for a craft fair and trying to manage to fit double the course load any sane person would consider taking into a timetable. Life is busy but good. I’m really thankful to have this cute lady to come home to every day. Coming home to a cat makes all the stress and worries from a long day go away.
Have a great week!

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  • Reply Nancy October 28, 2013 at 00:58

    It's best to be busy – time goes by quicker. It sounds like you have everything under control in your life.

    Founding a knitting club? That is great news!

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