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November 9, 2013

Remember this quilt top I shared in September? I had some leftovers from the jelly roll so I decided to use some of the scraps to make a pillow case.
I used the same plus patchwork pattern to make it match the lap quilt (which I hope to finish and post this month). Of course it’s impossible to take pictures of anything handmade without Lina photobombing at least one of the pictures.

The pattern super simple and great for beginners: simply cut one 6.5 x 2.5″ and two 2.5 x 2.5″ pieces of fabric for each cross. Using jelly rolls is really great if you don’t like cutting or you only have a limited time and don’t want to spend hours cutting and measuring. They’re expensive but they make it super easy to finish a small project like this in one evening.

For the back I used an old sheet that my mom dyed a light blue. I decided to add a simple envelope closure because it was getting late (my ability to think at 1am is slightly limited) and after a crappy day I wanted to feel like I did something productive and finished a project, instead of adding just another wip to my to-do list.
I’m really happy with the way this pillow case turned out. I used a cheap ikea pillow but I underestimated the size of it. It looked really small when I bought it…

I still haven’t used up the whole jelly roll so I’ve been thinking of making a grocery shopping bag from the very last leftovers. Who would’ve thought that I’d get three projects out of one $30 jelly roll?? It’s not super expensive if you think about the value you get out of one jelly roll πŸ™‚
52craftprojects2013This is project #31 of 52 craft projects I’m attempting to complete in 2013.
You can see all the other projects I’ve complete so far here.

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  • Reply Nancy November 9, 2013 at 16:53

    Another great finished project: you are making great progress on the 52 Craft Project.

    Is Lina photobombing or being the official craft inspector? Either way, she does it well.

    I rarely purchase jelly rolls or other specialty cuts because they are so expensive, but a lot of people buy the jelly rolls for cuts from the whole fabric line. Whoever decided to package fabric like that was a marketing genius.

  • Reply Lisa November 10, 2013 at 17:24

    Why do kitties make photos so much better? I love the pillow – it turned out great. Amazing colors and patterns πŸ™‚

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