echino bike bag

May 12, 2014

I probably have more bags than I could wear out in the next 50 years. Yet I enjoy making (and buying) new bags. Also, there are a couple of bags that I use all the time. This bag is one of them. I had it with me in Vancouver, so it was pretty much the only bag I used for a whole year. It has the perfect some and the perfect amount of pockets. Plus I have my hands free and I can also use it when riding my bike.
After almost three years of constant use my old echino bag looks very… loved? The strap is basically falling apart and although I still use it, I knew I’d have to replace it eventually. So during a sewing retreat in March I made a new bag. Same pattern, same combination of fabrics yet it’s a very different style.
The bag is big enough to hold my laptop and notebooks, textbooks etc I need in school. It’s also perfect for grocery shopping. And for going out with friends. Basically I use it for everything, because it doesn’t look bulky when empty yet it can easily hold a lot of things.
One of the most important aspect of a bag are the pockets. I always put my purse + keys in the zipper pocket and my cell phone in the bird pocket, so I can reach it easily and don’t have to fiddle with a zipper when it rings.
I quilted lines on the straps and top of the bag to give it some more texture. I love how it turned out!
This time around I didn’t add adjustable straps because I cut the wrong size of fabric always wore my old bag at the same length anyway so I knew it would be comfortable. I wrote down all the measurements for the bag so I hope to post a tutorial on how to make it eventually.

outer fabrics:
green bikes // echino
strap + top // ikea ‘minna’
inner fabrics:
gray // unknown
blue // ikea ‘ditto’
bird // echino (from my last bag!)

interfacing // pellon TP971F theromlam plus
magnetic closure // recycled from an old bag
zipper // YKK

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