wiwo wednesday vol. 16

November 26, 2014

I have way too many projects to share for this week’s ‘what I’m working on’ installment. Let’s start with the newest project (I only started it today): after getting my scrap sock yarn stash under control, my boxes of fabrics scraps need some attention. I’ve accumulated so many scraps over the past years. We’re talking about several pounds of fabric scraps!
I started by sewing some super simple patchwork coasters to use up some of my pink fabric scraps. I’m quite happy with the result (12 cute coasters that I’ll be selling at a local craft fair on Saturday!) but it’s gonna take many more coasters before there is any visible reduction of my stash.
Not much progress on the Elfreide scarf but seeing it grow one inch after another motivates me to finish it within the year 🙂
Some progress on the socks for my uncle… not much, though. I hope to finish them by the end of the month.
Oh and I almost forgot about these socks… the first one ended up being too big so I have to frog the toe and knit it again half an inch smaller. Oh how I love frogging! Not…
Knitting the body of the Levenwick cardigan was rather quickly and mostly done in class. But progress has been slow since I started knitting on the first sleeve, because the cardigan is getting too big and heavy to take to school. Alas, not much knitting over the past week. But I’ll take it to a craft fair on Saturday where I should have a decent amount of knitting time.
I found this shawl in my yarn stash the other day. It’s a shawl I cast on during a holiday 2(3?) years ago. And I don’t even remember the name of the pattern anymore. The only thing I remember is that there was a mistake a couple rows down and I wasn’t motivated enough to knit backwards. Of course I didn’t put in a lifeline. Which probably means half an evening of knitting backwards. And then another evening of figuring out which pattern I was attempting to knit. #knitterproblems
I’m still going strong on my ‘no store-bought candy’ challenge. I’m not home often so I don’t bake a lot but I made these awesome chocolate almond clusters the other day.
The Christmas quilt is coming along nicely – the quilting is done! And I have four more days to sew on the binding – doable, right?
I finally figured out a border for the ‘summer in the park’ quilt that I started at a sewing retreat in March. My plan is to finish the quilt by the end of the year – probably around Christmas when there are no more craft fairs to be organised, Christmas gifts to be made and exams to be taken.

One last thing to share is this paper piecing quilt block I made… sometime in the past. I designed it myself and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it… Maybe a mug rug? I have a slightly bigger version that I’m turning into a mini quilt to be hung in my kitchen.

Oh my, so many projects! I love having a variety of projects but this is seriously getting out of hand. No more project starting until I finish at least three of these!!

Ps: Check out Sam’s blog to see what she’s currently working on. I’d love for you to join in so if you share what you’re working on, please leave the link in the comment section and I’ll link you in my post 🙂

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  • Reply Tahnee November 27, 2014 at 10:15

    So many projects, but all of them lovely! I adore that Elfreide scaf, the colour, the cables, it's just perfect!

  • Reply Lisa-24-7 November 28, 2014 at 16:21

    WOW you have so many things going on, how do you even keep track?! I love the socks, but that scarf is epic also 🙂

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