New York, New York // Day 2

July 22, 2016


We started the second day of our New York, New York adventure off with a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.This was probably the most touristy thing we did during the whole trip, but pretty amazing nontheless. The architecture of the bridge is stunning, you have great views on both the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn skyline, and there is little distraction from cars/ traffic as the car lanes are a level below the pedestrian one.


However, there were quite a lot of bicyclists. And by bicyclists I mean a lot of tourists who probably never rode a bike before and almost hit you with their ridiculous looking cruiser bikes. But hey, we survived and even got to take a bunch of touristy shots with a perfect puffy-cloud sky 😉


We spent the rest of the day in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is very cute and relaxing compared to the hectic crowds in Manhattan. Isn’t this tiny version of the Brooklyn Bridge the cutest? Small details like this make me really appreciate and love places.


Brooklyn also has adorable coffee shops. After walking in the heat for 1.5 hours we went to the Brooklyn Pharmacy & Soda Fountain (supposedly one of the top 10 restaurants in the US. Hah!), a very cute coffee shop with a very vintage feel, a-m-a-z-i-n-g donuts and lots of sparkling drinks. Of course I had my travel knitting (a pair of vanilla socks made from scraps) with me.


The next stop was the Brooklyn General Store. This store has the perfect mix of a great, high-quality yarn selection, a neat selection of quilting cottons and apparel fabric, as well as a bunch of little tidbits that you don’t need but definitely want.

IMG_3240Just look at this yummy selection of yarn… swoon! I bought some chambray fabric for a top, some cotton + steel fabrics for a tote (or a couple of project bags?), and tosh merino light yarn for a sweater. If you’re ever in NYC and for some unimaginable reason you only get to visit one yarn store, go to Brooklyn General!


Next up was Argyle, yet another cute yarn store in Brooklyn. See the tiny narwhale in my pocket? He accompanied us on our New York adventure 🙂


45,000 steps later, it was time to fly back to South Carolina. My suitcase was full of fabrics and yarn, my belly was filled with bagels and donuts, and my head was filled to the brim with new project ideas and memories.


Last but not least, a blurry shot of NYC at night. Flying out of LaGuardia was fun – do you see the One World Trade Center at the tip of Manhattan? And the brightly illuminated Times Square area? And of course Central Park.

Exploring New York with a crafty friend was amazing and a very different experience from the regular touristy stuff I did in the past. However, I have to admit I was quite happy to be back in South Carolina – without all the traffic, the crowds of people and the $5 cups of coffee. I’m a small town girl after all 🙂

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