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August 17, 2016

IMG_4241A couple of friends of mine and I went to visit Pretty Place last weekend. This place has been on my must-visit list since the first time I heard about it last spring. I’m so happy I got to see this magical place on my last weekend in Greenville, SC. My last work day is on Friday, and then I’ll travel through the Deep South before returning to good old Germany.

IMG_4256Pretty Place is the name of a well-known chapel on top of the mountains in the upstate South Carolina. The chapel’s proper name is Fred W. Symmes Chapel but it is better known as Pretty Place. And oh my does this place do its name justice!

From the outside it looks like a small, uninteresting building but when you enter you walk down a couple of stairs and you’re rewarded with the most beautiful view in South Carolina.

Pretty PlaceIt was a rather foggy morning when we went but it was breathtaking nonetheless. Even more so, ten minutes after we arrived the few other people up there left and we had this beautiful place to ourselves. I’m sure we would have shared this experience with more people if the weather had been better. So yay for foggy mornings that scare the tourists away 😉

Pretty Place IIIThis is probably the best timer photo I ever took with my cell phone. I love it!

If you ever find yourself in the Upstate of South Carolina, this is one of the must-see places. Oh I’m gonna miss living just a short drive away from South Carolina’s beautiful mountains!

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