Hi there and welcome to Frogged Designs! My name is Marie Bussemeier and as you might have figured from my last name, I’m German. My home is the beautiful city of Göttingen in the heart of Germany, but I’m an adventurer who loves to travel. Officially I’m still in business school, however I’m taking the year off to do an internship in South Carolina and travel.

I grew up in a creative family and learned how to operate a sewing machine and knit before I could read and write. I enjoy making stuff with my own two hands and learn how things are made from scratch. My love for knitting and sewing has turned into a small business – I sell handmade project bags, knitting needle cases and other goodies for knitters. I love my ‘job’, especially being part of the creative community and meeting other creative souls.

Apart from knitting and sewing, I also enjoy spinning yarn, taking pretty pictures and paper crafting. I also love baking and I enjoy cooking eating vegetarian meals.

Other random likes: winter, to-do lists, reading, thrift stores, The Office, squirrels, board games, and tea.